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About Me.


**Disclaimer: there is slang. Not because I don’t take this trip seriously (having the opportunity to go is actually a dream come true) but because I refuse to be fake/something I’m not**


Ight, listen, I know most 17 year old girls aren’t exactly the type to give up everything they know and leave for 6 weeks to go on the other side of the planet. And I know they would never say they love the unbearable heat and the cold showers and the constant assault of bugs. But, lucky for you, I am not like most people. And, like, the first time I went to Ghana with my family, I was terrified. My mom and my little sister had been before and they knew what they were doing and I felt like I was being thrown into something that wasn’t meant for me. It was dark, I was crying in the back of a van wishing I was back in my bed scrolling mindlessly through my phone, but, of course, that didn’t happen. Fast forward two weeks and I was still crying, but it was because I was leaving.


Anyway, really quickly, I’ll tell you about myself. Wassup, I’m Carena. I’m 17, turning 18 in September. I write poems and I plan on publishing them at some point. I want to become a book editor. I’m obsessed with music and psychoanalyzing every thing in order to add meaning to something that didn’t have any to begin with. I don’t like most people because I have this belief that most people only get to know me because they want something from me, but when I start to trust someone, I invest everything I have in them and I MAKE SURE they know I adore them. Yeah. That’s me. Pretty cool. Here’s the rest of my “please consider helping me so I can make a difference” thing.


This most recent trip I went on changed my life. And I know that’s such a missionary thing to say, but it did. I went there incredibly depressed with the constant feeling of not having a real purpose because, like, what is the point of my life if I am not making my impact? But, I was reminded on this trip that, at City of Refuge, in Ghana, there is a goal. A purpose. And that’s really all you need. I don’t have a single desire for anything. But, god, making a difference in the lives of the people I love most is not a desire. It’s a need. They’re the reason I am living. I really just fell in love with the people over there and I love them so much. They have become a part of me in a way that is hard to explain.


Wow, I’m so inspirational. I know, thanks. Anyway, we both knew this was coming, so I’ll just say it: Here's my ask. I have been accepted as a long term volunteer at City of Refuge this summer and I need your help for this. I plan to be there for 6 weeks and I will be helping at the school and with after-school tutoring and sponsorship stuff and really anything else they need me to do. It's going to be hot, and I am going to sweat, and I'm totally ok with that. I've figured out the costs for my flight and lodging and I'm working extra shifts at work, selling some things, and picking up extra babysitting jobs to pay for the majority of it. Really, my hope is to raise about $1,000 total and I plan to pay the rest of it myself. I’m not going to lie to you, if you donate anything, this money is actually for me. For my own hopes of making it known to these kids that they are the coolest and that they’re so strong and amazing and that I adore them. That’s what the money is for. For me to pour into them and for them to pour into me. This trip is not one where I am helping the less fortunate or the needy. These kids do not need me, I know this. But I need them. I need them. City of Refuge is a really cool place. They have helped to rescue kids from some crazy, dark situations. I don't like to focus on that because I see the amazingness of what they get to live out today, you know? But if you want to find out more about City of Refuge, click on the blue link. They are amazing. 


Yeah. I don’t know what else to say. What else do you say after you ask strangers or people you love for money? I don’t know. But if you got this far, you probably find me entertaining or you’re being forced to read it out of obligation because you love me or something. But, either way, those are pretty good reasons to give to something bigger and better than both of us. Oh, one more thing. If you do give, your donation is 100% tax deductible, big or small. I appreciate you reading. Here's a button to donate through paypal or if you'd rather send a check you can do that too. Make it out to "Faith Journeys' and put "Carena Ravenel" in the memo line. Thanks, queen.


Faith Journeys

PO Box 2873

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