2018 Ghana Team Blog

June 8, 2018

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of the friends and family who prayed and supported us in this journey.  You can scroll from the bottom of the blog to the top to read in chronological order. 


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July 13 | Day 8


Our last day in Ghana was so peaceful. Pastor Johnbull and his entire team and village of children prayed blessings over us before we departed. I prayerfully gifted my anointing necklace to Nurse Jammie and we left this place with the fullest of hearts. It is hard to say goodbye to the beauty that is in this place. I'm so proud of our team and how well they loved... and allowed themselves to be loved on. We have laughed, cried, and even shrieked a little (maybe a lot). God has been so gracious with us on this trip and we are in love with the work being done here. Thank you again to all who helped us get here. You should know we made a point to pray for all of you as well. May you be abundantly blessed for being such a blessing.


 July 12 | Day 7


The Holy Spirit led us today more than ever. Pastor Johnbull invited us to pray with him in the prayer house and he shared some specific prayer needs they have here at CORM. Afterwards, I asked if he would pray over us. He was so kind to do that and spent several minutes praying and speaking life into each of us women. The Holy Spirit is so kind.


Right after, we had a session to talk through discipleship with the directors. You can ask Monica, Tracy, Sabrina, or Tori what the Lord had them share on; they all did an amazing job. Again, the Spirit moved mightily in that time. On this day, these women have been given the gift of moments they will never forget. God is greater than we know.


 This afternoon, we visited Shai Hills Preserve with 4 of the older boys and a long term volunteer (and new friend), Ellie. We had adventures squeezing way more people into a taxi than I thought possible, getting completely drenched in the rain when our taxi could go no further, and climbing giant rocks to the most perfect view. We thank God for those boys being with us. They were chivalrous in every way and made sure we were safe climbing up and down and also navigating the muddy paths after the downpour. We so enjoyed getting soaked together. We were like giddy school kids and had an absolute blast. Honestly, it was pretty appropriate that we ended up drenched; I have felt covered by living water all day. I know the rest of our team would say the same.


Tonight ended with us joining the missionary ladies for a women’s Bible Study. It was lovely to share and connect with these women like that and especially to pray over their needs and requests. God is so loving. Thank you, Lord, for everything you’ve done in us and through us while in Ghana. We are blessed beyond measure.


July 11 | Day 6


We got up early to see assembly at school. Every morning, the kids sing pledges and prayers and march to a drum line. Such a fun way to start the day. Then we went to Chapel with the students to be led in praise and worship. It was just beautiful. Together, we worked on the teacher’s lounge and had great help from Pastor Johnbull and some of the older boys. Little ones even came out of the classroom to help us with the larger tables. I’m telling you the spirit here to help out and serve others is a true example for all of us. Monica was able to “sub in” for the 2nd grade teacher for about an hour and it was great to see how engaged the kids were with her.


Cailyn took her prayer walk with little Abigail and was so impressed with how seriously Abigail was taking it. This little girl was bringing Cailyn to tears with how she was praying for her own community. Little Mary also decided to join Tracy on her prayer walk and Tracy said she loved having a little partner with her.


After dinner, we did Bible study with all the staff and kids from CORM around a bonfire; it was such a special experience. We sang worship songs and Pastor Frank encouraged us with a brief message. When he finished, the group was asked to stand and share testimonies (if we felt led) and several kids did! At closing, we partnered up and prayed for someone near us and that in itself was a true highlight of my day. I love that children and adults here are learning and growing together in this way. I love that our team was able to be a part of it this week.


I don’t forget the extremely difficult circumstances these children have come from; but if you didn’t know, it would be hard to guess. By the grace of God, these precious ones have been rescued and redeemed in so many ways. I am overwhelmed by the obvious goodness of God to take them from where they were (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) to where they are now.


July 10 | Day 5


We had a day of adventure. We finished up work in the storage shed and closet with a few surprises to entertain us in the process. Tracy, Monica and I were briefly trapped in a classroom, and the picture proof had us dying laughing. Mama Teresa invited Cailyn to stay with her and learn how to sew, and Cailyn was over the moon excited. She and Mama Teresa have a special bond. Sabrina and Tori helped Mama Selena in the kitchen and she was so pleased to hear that we enjoyed eating the yams they had made for us.


Once school was out, we watched Pastor Johnbull play volleyball with the boys and Tracy, Monica, and Sabrina joined in for fun. Monica said it was a good reminder to “join in on the fun” more often when it comes to playing with her family outside. I have to say how much we’re all so touched by Pastor Johnbull and how he invests in these boys. He gives leadership to a church, an orphanage, a school, his own family and so much more and yet he always has time for the one in front of him. All the kids and the staff here endearingly call him “daddy” and he is such a great example of what being a daddy looks like.


Then off to prayer walk. That’s when little Mary asked about my necklace. “What is that?”, she said. And when I told her it was an anointing oil necklace, she said, “Power! Jesus! Can I have some?!” Goodness, how I love these kids. After dinner, we split up to help the kids with “prep”. Tori, Cailyn, Sabrina helped with the older kids and I went to the prayer house to help the younger ones. These kids are fun and they have the biggest hearts. We’re already starting to get sad at the idea of heading home in a few days.


 July 9 | Day 4


This team works hard, they have fun and they look out for one another. As I was telling someone else today, this team is more awesome than they realize. Today we helped Dr. Troy and Jammie organize the clinic. They had both been in and out the last 3 weeks doing medical outreaches in the local villages so things were out of place and we were happy to help.