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Next Departure: Sept 23-30, 2023
Deadline: May 27

What to Expect


This is a 8 Day family-friendly trip where our team will leave Orlando, FL heading to Cucuta, Colombia for the purposes of providing humanitarian aid to refugees crossing the border from Venezuela. Up to 20,000 Venezuelans are leaving their country every day because of economic hardships. A once-wealthy country, Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves in the world. The elite are rich, but the overall population is living in poverty. There’s no work, their money is worthless, and there is nothing to buy. We have partnered with Dr. Luke Foundation on the Colombia/Venezuela border to offer support to local churches, provide food and medical care for those crossing the border, and share the love of Jesus in the process. We will have translators available to help us on the ground.

Training (discipleship) for this trip begins 12 weeks prior to the trip. As a team, we will choose a biblical book study to read and discuss together over Skype. We will do online bible plans together and finish up our training with an in-person 72 hour intensive weekend which will include orientation, team building, and discipleship training (growing in knowledge of who God is and who He has called us to be). Overall, your time commitment will primarily be for the 4-day training as well as the actual trip dates. Because it is mandatory, we wait to choose the intensive training dates until after the team is formed, so as to work best with everyone's schedule.


Once in-country, each day will begin with devotional and end with a team debrief. You will sleep safely and comfortably, eating standard meals, and meeting amazing people as you witness God's handiwork already being done. The goal of this trip is to remain flexible to what God would like to do in you and through you as a team and to leave our partners feeling more of the love of God than they did before we arrived.

Family Friendly Mission Trip great for Church families or individuals.


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Training & Preparation


A great deal goes into preparing for a short-term mission trip and we are here to help. Through Christ centered team building moments, we'll make sure the team knows each other well before leaving home. We will also conduct an in-depth training that will be far more about discovering God's purpose for us as disciples than it will about our serving trip. With that said, training will still prepare you well for the trip including sessions on cross-culture, evangelism, spiritual warfare, and how to serve others with dignity. You'll have a checklist of items to take care of on your own (like passports, immunizations, and raising support). We will help you stay on track with it all.


Service Projects


We will work with Dr. Luke Foundation to serve both the Colombian and Venezuelan people in need located in the border town of Cucuta. We will help feed the hungry, share the Gospel, partner with local churches, and participate in at lease one medical mission day. There are local doctors and nurses we will be supporting so no need to have personal medical experience. We always partner with the local church and rely on the support of the surrounding community. Based on the needs of our partners and the needs of the team, we will customize our schedule to create the best experience for all.

                      Dr. Luke Foundation                   



The all-inclusive cost of this 8-Day trip is $2900. Children 15 and older are welcome to participate with a parent or guardian. We will help you with the fundraising and you can set up a payment plan early. Just a $200 deposit secures your spot on the team, and this goes towards the cost of your trip. The  overall cost includes round-trip flight, training materials, training space, team building, funds tracking, meals, in-country transportation, lodging, traveler's medical insurance, ministry opportunities, and a local ministry donation. Set team dates will have a certified Faith Journeys leader. 

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