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Every Christian should have the opportunity to experience a short-term mission trip- not because of the great difference they make overseas- but because of the life-long difference we believe it will make in their faith walk every day moving forward. Unfortunately, most mission trips are financially out of reach for the typical person. Your donation makes it possible for us to keep costs down and allows us to train, equip, and commission a much greater number of people from here in the United States.


We have amazing partners whose ministries continue long after our teams leave the field. They work tirelessly, not only on behalf of our teams, but also on behalf of their local church partners and the communities. Because we believe strongly in our partners efforts, a large portion of your donation will go towards supporting their work. Whether it is investing in young leaders, buying building supplies for the local church, or used to minister to a young mother in need, your donation will directly impact lives within our partner countries.

You can make one-time or monthly donations through the secure PayPal button link below or by mailing a check to

Donate to a Specific Team

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Faith Journeys

PO Box 771595

Orlando, Fl 32877

At least 80% of ministry expenditures are used to serve children in need. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.          

EIN 47-5480243

Thank you for taking this step of faith.
Your contribution will have an eternal impact.
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