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I was longing for more for a while but I really didn't know how to get closer to Jesus. Through Susan's friendship and Holy Spirit, God made it clear that this would help me get closer to Him. It was not all at once, but little by little. I still go back to my training manual to reflect. I feel a lot closer to Jesus now and I'm still moving closer every day. I don't think I had a real relationship before, I just had belief. But now we talk to each other, cry and laugh together. He was there all along. This experience helped me understand myself and others better and grow closer to God. It wasn't always easy, but things that are worthwhile rarely are. -Desi, San Diego

Going on this mission trip made me see how we are all the same on the inside. Cultures may be different but we are all connected in the Spirit of God and all have the same basic needs. This experience opened my eyes to how much our God loves ALL of His people. From training before the trip to coming back home we were learning about this truth. God is love and love never fails. I would recommend every believer go on a missions trip to experience the love of God and His love for humanity. Faith Journeys definitely made sure I was equipped, prepared, and covered to truly be His disciple to the nations. -Brandon, Orlando

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I met so many people I want to remember from this trip. I made some best friends who touched me by their kindness. I will never forget worship night and how people were healed. I helped lead a devotion for all of the kids and I think I did a good job. I really hope to come back to Ghana again soon.

-Cailyn (11), Atlanta

Going to Ghana was a beautiful experience with lots of heart breaking and also joy filling moments. I fell in love with the kids over there because I could just tell their hearts flow for Jesus. I was able to relate to the older teenagers about giving our anger away to God and I really enjoyed that. It was an amazing experience that I was very blessed to be apart of.

-Kayla (17), Orlando

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Faith Journeys gave me tools to grow closer to God; biblical training, team building exercises and also time for reflection. When I completed the training, I felt prepared to go deeper in the Word, to care for the people I was going to serve and to respond to God's prompting. I have been to multiple trainings for global missions and I would say Faith Journeys has compiled some of the best resources for training a team to go into the mission field. Going on this mission was wonderful. The 20 acre site in Ghana gave me the freedom to get to know the people in a safe place. City of Refuge Ministries hosted multiple community trainings and being part of these allowed me to see examples of love and discipleship in, for, and through the staff and kids. A mission trip like this will challenge and grow you wherever you are in your walk with God. -Stacy, Orlando

Faith Journeys provides a comprehensive discipleship training and Mission experience.  I love that they take the time to really understand who YOU are and what your relationship is with Christ. Through their prayerful leadership and love for the Lord, their passion for leading others and helping their partner organizations is evident in every aspect of this journey. This experience definitely exceeded my expectations, helped me grow closer to Jesus and initiated interest in another trip with Faith Journey's very soon. - Tracy, Atlanta

Going to Ghana in 2018 for my 1st mission trip was forever life-changing. Getting to see and learn about God's love 1st hand. Love is a verb. It's not just a word! Thank you, Faith Journeys, for the knowledge and growth in my walk with Jesus! This experience taught me how to love others like Jesus loves me. Nothing will hold me back from living out God's will. I recommend this journey for anyone who would like to have a life-changing experience with God. Taking this trip changed my life and I am forever grateful. - Sabrina, Atlanta

Susan and Eric are strategic about leading, equipping, and guiding those who feel called to go into the world sharing the love of Jesus. Traveling to Ghana was much more than a mission trip. This “Faith Journey” transformed and truly equipped me more than ever before because of the book study and 4 day retreat/training provided before we left the U.S. I took a lot of strategies and tools for ministry from the training and time spent in Ghana that will forever guide me in the future. Our time in Ghana was organized but also flexible to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I made such loving bonds. Our time with the children, staff, and volunteers at CORM made a profound impact on my life. - Jessika, Panama City

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