Start living your life of breakthrough today!

Are you looking to experience more joy and peace, make the most of every day, and live into a life of purpose? If so, keep reading!

It might look like writing someone’s name on a Band-Aid and sticking it to your computer monitor. It might look like purposely leaving your house “as-is” when you have company coming over. It might look like having an “automatic yes” prepared for when God calls you to something you aren’t capable of doing. Following God isn’t about rules and boredom. It’s about faith, love, and adventure! That’s what a breakthrough life looks like.

The personal stories in this book will give you insight into how breakthrough is possible in your relationship with God, others, and even with yourself. Not only will you find these stories relatable and authentic, but you will also walk away with practical steps on how to find your very own breakthrough.

In Experiencing Breakthrough… you will find concrete, practical ways to:

  • Live your best life – walking closer with God
  • Get rid of things from your past that hold you back
  • Breakthrough resistance that has you “stuck”
  • More easily forgive others
  • Be kind to yourself and learn to love you

In a light, fun, and conversational style, Experiencing Breakthrough with God, Peace with Others, and Grace with Yourself seeks to lift the weight of the world from our shoulders and allows us to experience a more abundant life – flourishing the way God intended.

Experiencing Breakthrough Book